Anne Sampas
Anne Sampas
Biographical information
Gender Female
Species Human → The Species
Age 39
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Accelerated pregnancy and birth, or the gas
Killed by Harry Sampas (Impregnated by him) or by Laura Baker (Gassed by her)
Family Harry Sampas (Husband, deceased)
Unnamed offspring (deceased)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Myriam Cyr
Appearances Species II

Anne Sampas is a character from the film Species II. She was one of the three astronauts that participated on a mission to Mars and was subsequently infected by the alien DNA that was in the soil samples collected, turning her into a hybrid much like Patrick Ross. She was also the wife of Harry Sampas.


She participated in the six-month mission to Mars and was unknowingly infected by alien DNA contained within the soil samples collected by Patrick. Upon returning to Earth six months later, she is placed under quarantine for ten days and to refrain from sexual activity. Later, she attends a party in honor of her, Patrick and Dennis Gamble and isn't seen again until several days later.

On the final night of the ten-day sexual quarantine she, Patrick and Dennis were subjected to, she had engaged in sexual intercourse with her husband, becoming pregnant with a hybrid fetus as a consequence. However, when she gave birth, her offspring was some sort of tentacle creature with no semblance of human form, which then attacked her husband, its human father, and killed him.

Preston Lennox and Laura Baker arrived too late to save either Anne or her husband, but were able to kill the offspring by gassing it to death before it could escape or develop any further.

Later, her body is seen in a morgue undergoing an autopsy, where her mouth is forced open by a tentacle creature (presumably, the remnants of her offspring), which is then killed by the Medical Examiner with a surgical saw.


  • Anne is the first female human to become an alien hybrid.
  • Anne is also the first female hybrid of human origins to conceive alien offspring.
  • Anne was the only one of the astronauts to be married before she went to Mars.
  • It is unknown whether or not Anne could have survived the birth, unlike the victims of Patrick.
  • Anne's hybrid offspring is the only species alien to be killed immediately after birth.


  • "Call for help! Call for help!