Biographical information
Gender Female
Species The Species
Age 20s ~ mid-30s (in appearance)
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Penetrating wound and death from a fall
Killed by Tom Hollander
Family Forbes McGuire (Creator and Sexual encounter, deceased)
Abilities Transform to alien form, Strong animalistic instinct of procreation, Long tongue is tipped with sharp spines, and sharp long daggers that come out of her wrists
Played by Marlene Favela
Appearances Species: The Awakening

Azura was a character and the main antagonist of Species: The Awakening. She was a hybrid created by Forbes McGuire. After a fight with Miranda Hollander which left Miranda fatally wounded, Azura was shot through the stomach with a shotgun by Tom Hollander. The shotgun blast sent Azura falling down a hole to her death.


Azura was very predatory in nature. She was sexual and possessive of Forbes, her creator and sexual partner. She was possibly attempting to mate with him when they were interrupted by Tom and Miranda. When she realized that Forbes didn't care about her, she was shocked and visibly hurt. When Miranda raped and conceived with Forbes shortly before killing him, Azura was furious and attempted to kill her, possibly as a sign of eliminating the competition.


In her human form Azura is a tall young woman with olive skin, long brown hair and dark eyes, which turn light blue when she is transformed.

Azura's alien form is almost similar to Miranda's. But face is different.


  • Azura dressed up as a nun.
  • She may have viewed Miranda as sexual competition when it came to Forbes' attention.
  • Azura appears to be weaker than most of the other Species members by the end of the movie since Tom Hollander was able to kill her with a shotgun blast and a long fall with Azura returning to human form before the fall ended. However, she may have simply been weakened by her fight with Miranda Hollander since she had received numerous apparently fatal wounds and survived during that fight.
  • It is highly possible that Forbes made her sterile on purpose so that she could be his sexual partner without the risk of impregnating her. In this case she would be the second artificially created hybrid that was made sterile, right after Sara's mate.
  • Azura shares some similarities with Amelia from Species 3 :
    • They are both antagonists to their respective films.
    • They have brown hair (while Sara and Miranda are blonde).
    • Their alien forms resemble that of the protagonist.
    • And they share some connection with them: Miranda and Azura were both created by Forbes, Sara and Amelia are daughters to Patrick Ross.


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