Biographical information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Killed by N/A
Family Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Played by Kim Adams
Appearances Species II

Darlene is a character in Species II. she is a woman that human/alien hybrid Patrick Ross attempted to mate with while at a supermarket.


When first seen, she sees Patrick near a cereal stand and makes a move to get him to sign her box of cereal with his picture on it. When two men come looking for him, Patrick snatches Darlene and goes out through the back of the market. While she makes an attempt to get away from him, she's unable to get far, and is forced into a black van. Before he can attempt to rape her, Patrick realizes that Eve is in his head and tries to find her, wanting to mate with her instead. In the end, Patrick lets Darlene go and she manages to get to her car and drive away.

It is unknown what happens to her afterward, but it is assumed that she is still alive.


  • "My God, it's you! Will you sign my Space Flakes box?"


  • She is one of two known female characters that Patrick was unable to mate with, the other being Laura Baker.
  • She is the fourth woman Patrick met that wasn't a prostitute.
  • She is the first woman to survive an assault from Patrick, being that she wasn't raped or impregnated, and he let her go.