Dr. Orinsky
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Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Disemboweled
Killed by Patrick Ross
Family Unknown
Abilities Medicine, Science
Played by Baxter Harris
Appearances Species II

Dr. Orinsky was a character in the film Species II. He was a space agency doctor. 

Species IIEdit

After Patrick Ross, Dennis Gamble  and Anne Sampas returned to the Earth from Mars. He examined them to quarantine to prevent from engaging in sexual activity for ten days.

Later, at the space center, Dr. Orinsky discovers something amiss about Patrick's blood sample, leading him to try to contact Herman Cromwell. However, Patrick Ross (once again under the control of the alien DNA) sneaks into the lab in alien form and disembowel Orinsky to hide the discovery, retrieving the blood sample. 

Laura Baker discovers alien DNA similar to Eve's in Orinsky's corpse. Later, she finds out that Anne Sampas' DNA does not match that in Orinsky's wounds, leaving Patrick Ross as the only remaining suspect-now culprit.