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"Now the only chance for the human race is the woman who tried to destroy it. Recreated by science, she is now half human. Her loyalty is to men...but her instinct is to mate. Our greatest threat is our only hope"

-About Eve in the promotional trailer

Biographical information
Gender Female
Species The Species
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Strangled
Killed by Portus
Family Patrick Ross † (Sexual encounter)
Sara (Daughter)
Abilities Transform to alien form
Mating Instinct
Accelerated Regeneration
Long sharp spines up her back
Assimilate knowledge by touch
Played by Natasha Henstridge
Monica Staggs (creature performer)
Appearances Species II
Species III

Eve was the genetic duplicate of the original Sil and mother of Sara. She appeared in Species II and had a brief appearance/cameo in Species III.


In the beginning of the film, Eve demonstrates very little understanding of the outside world of her environment, only educated through television programs and newspaper articles. For example, she doesn't know if Superman is a real person or not, can understand martial arts from watching kung-fu films, and is able to drive a vehicle after watching driving films. In addition, her personality is more docile thanks to a combination of medication to keep her alien genes suppressed in order to make her more human and being isolated from men in her environment. She was told about what happened to the original Sil, and is depressed that she'll never be a part of the outside world.

Later, after being subjected to some radiation to awaken her dormant alien genes in order to track Patrick Ross telepathically, she becomes more aggressive after experiencing being in heat. Eve eventually escapes her confinement and drives to Patrick's barn to mate with him.

Towards the end of the film, after mating with Patrick, she's in her alien form and, despite everything that has happened, Laura Baker is able to appeal to her human side and turns against Patrick on her behalf before Patrick attacks her.


Species II[]

Some time prior to the beginning of the film, Eve was created from a frozen lab embryo containing human and alien DNA, described as a genetic duplicate of the original Sil from the first film. Through medication and complete isolation from the male gender in her environment, Eve is made more human than alien, and subjected to numerous experiments by Laura Baker for the US military to find ways of defending humanity from the potential return of the alien species in the future. Eve hated being isolated from the outside world and believed she was seen as nothing more than "a laboratory animal."

Every time Patrick has sex, an isolated Eve, undergoing tests in the lab, shows signs of great, physiological excitement.

When a series of deaths involving women comes to the attention of the government when a doctor's body is discovered to contain traces of human and alien DNA that is similar-yet-distant from Eve's, and nobody is able to track down the culprit, Eve is used to trace Patrick Ross, who is later discovered to have been infected by alien DNA picked up during a mission to Mars.

Her alien instinct of propagation is awakened and she eventually escapes from captivity in order to mate with Patrick and produce offspring purer than the offspring Patrick has produced through procreation with human women. Patrick is surprised to see her, and they undressed and transformed into their alien forms as they mated. They're soon found by the team composed of Preston Lennox, Laura Baker and Dennis Gamble, and Press tries to shoot at Patrick, but can't because Eve is in the way (and he was urged to not attack Eve because everything that has happened wasn't directly her fault, and that she was half human). Patrick transforms into a massive quadruped version of his alien form and attacks the team. Laura begs Eve to help them stop Patrick by appealing to her human side. Eve attacks Patrick, and he splits his head in two and uses his tongue-like tentacle to attack her. Eve passes out, she is ignored for most of the battle up until Patrick is killed by Press using Dennis' blood, which is shown to have the sickle cell anemia gene, and is fatal to the alien DNA because their immune systems can't cope against human diseases.

In the aftermath, Eve returns to human form and is taken away by the military.

At the end of the film, however, as she is being taken away in the military ambulance, a cat suddenly jumps on her body, and we see a surviving half-breed boy named Portus in the ambulance with Eve. As the cat jumps away, Eve's body begins to go through a pregnancy, indicating that she had been impregnated by Patrick, and we hear her scream as her stomach bursts while the screen fades to black.

Species III[]

In the third film, the birth scene shows Eve regaining consciousness after one of the military men is killed by Portus, one of Patrick's sons, and she begins to go through pregnancy where her stomach protrudes and separates from her as the unborn offspring develops. Portus strangles Eve and kills her after she gives birth to a girl ,later named Sara.

Later, she is seen on a slab in the morgue where she is ordered to be cremated. This is the last time she is seen.

Species II Novelization[]


Eve, due to being an exact duplicate of Sil, looks similar to her in human form, but her alien form's head tentacles are not as slicked back and hang down like actual hair, she has a more pinkish tone to her body than Sil's tanned one. Eve's alien form also appeared to be slightly taller than Sil's. Her human appearance is just like Sil with blonde hair and blue eyes.


  • H. R. Giger designed Eve's alien form to look more docile than Sil's to enhance their different nature.
  • Eve is the only known alien/human hybrid that has never killed humans. However, she has attacked humans on several occasions in the novelization.
  • Eve is the only known alien/human hybrid to be survived by her offspring in a sequel film.
  • In the official novelization, when Eve returns to her human form upon dying, she is never shown nor is it indicated that she became pregnant by Patrick.
  • Her favorite show is revealed to be The Dukes of Hazard by Laura Baker, explaining where Eve learned how to drive.
  • Excluding Sara and several of Patrick's children, Eve is the only artificial hybrid to survive up to the next film, where she is killed.
  • Because her knowledge of the world outside her living quarters comes from magazines, newspaper articles and television, Eve has no actual understanding of the world she's kept from interacting with. In the film version, her words to Laura are, after an experiment, "I watch this TV, and I see all the places I'm never going to go to, and see all the people that I'm never going to meet." She also doesn't know if Superman is an actual person.
  • Eve is the only alien/human hybrid shown giving birth on two different films.
  • In Species III she is tagged as the second generation, with Sil being the first and Sara the third.
  • While Preston mentioned Laura that Eve's name sounds quite biblical, EVE actually stands for "Extraterrestrial. Vulnerability. Experiment".
  • While Eve is described as being a clone of Sil, she's more like an identical twin sister as she was created from Sil's sister embryo, not an entirely separate one made using Sil's DNA.
    • According to Laura, in her own words, "Eve was recreated from a frozen lab embryo. She's a genetic duplicate of the original Sil."
  • Eve and Sil are the only female leads who gave birth, as Sara never got pregnant and Miranda died before delivering her offspring.
  • Out of the four protagonists Eve was the only one who was not seen emerging from a cocoon.


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