Forbes McGuire
Forbes McGuire
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Pierced by Miranda's tongue.
Killed by Miranda Hollander
Family Miranda Hollander (creation)
Azura (creation)
Rinaldo (creation)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Dominic Keating
Appearances Species: The Awakening

Forbes McGuire was a character from Species: The Awakening.


Forbes McGuire was a human scientist who created a human/alien hybrid named Azura along with several others like Rinaldo. He is also one of the two people who created Miranda Hollander.


After Miranda has an incident involving her true alien nature, Tom tells Miranda that she is the result of an experiment that combined human and alien DNA, an experiment conducted with his friend Forbes McGuire (Dominic Keating) while they were both still in college. Tom has been injecting her with human hormones since her childhood to suppress her alien DNA. Her parents never existed; they were just a fiction created by Tom to help build up Miranda's "normal life." Tom explains he and Forbes parted ways because of differences of opinion over their vision of their creation.When they arrive in Mexico, Miranda rests in a motel room while Tom spends the day searching for Forbes. After a few incidents, Tom and Miranda locate Forbes' current home. Forbes now lives with his recent experiment named Azura (Marlene Favela), another human and alien DNA hybrid who also serves as his lover. Forbes supports his experiment by creating half-alien facsimiles of dead pets and relatives. Forbes checks Miranda's condition and finds that Miranda has reached the end of her lifespan and will die in days. The only way to deny death is injecting fresh human DNA into Miranda. Miranda won't allow that to happen when she realizes it will result in the sacrifice of another human being.

Forbes followed Miranda, but she stripped naked. The sight of Miranda's naked body aroused McGuire, and she used this to seduce him into allowing her to remove his clothes as well before copulating with him. Miranda then leaned down and used her tongue to quickly kill the unfortunate man without hesitation, remorse, or pity.

Prior to this, Forbes spent some time manipulating the alien DNA he created by splicing it with human DNA to create various hybrids to fund his research on experimenting with the DNA.