HR Giger

Hans Ruedi Giger was a Swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media, including record-albums, furniture and tattoo-art. The Zurich-based artist was best known for airbrush images of humans and machines linked together in a cold 'biomechanical' relationship. Later he abandoned airbrush work for pastels, markers or ink. He was part of the special effects teams that worked on design work on the Alien films that made him well known for for his infamous Xenomorph design and artwork as well as the Species film series. In Switzerland there are two theme-bars that reflect his interior designs, and his work is on permanent display at the H.R. Giger Museum at Gruyères.


  • Alien (designed, among other things, the Alien creature, "The Derelict" and the "Space Jockey")
  • Aliens (credited for the creation of the creature only)
  • Alien 3 (designed the dog-like Alien bodyshape, plus a number of unused concepts, many mentioned on the special features disc of Alien 3, despite not being credited in the movie theater version)
  • Alien: Resurrection (credited for the creation of the creature only)
  • Species (designed Sil, and the Alien Train in a dream sequence)
  • Species II (designed Eve and Patrick Ross's alien quadrupedal and bipedal designs as well as input)