Harry Sampas
Harry Sampas
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Smothered
Killed by Anne Sampas
Family Anne Sampas (wife, deceased)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Scott Morgan
Appearances Species II

Harry Sampas is a character from the film Species II. He was the husband of Anne Sampas.


He attended the fundraiser for the astronauts with his wife and their friends. On the last night of the ten-day quarantine the astronauts were subjected to after their return from Mars, he is seen having sex with Anne until she instantly becomes impregnated, which results in a tube-like creature ripping out of her womb and kills him by latching onto his face and suffocating him to death as he is lifted off his feet and against the wall behind him.

When Preston Lennox and Laura Baker arrive to stop the creature and fail to save him and his wife, Preston shoots the creature off of Harry's face and he falls to the floor, dead with the remnants of the tube creature still latched to his face.


  • Out of the three astronauts' associates, he is the only one married to one of them.
  • The creature that kills him bears a striking resemblance to the Facehugger.


  • "NO!"
  • "I missed you so much"
  • "Not as beautiful as you are"
  • "God, I missed making love with you"