Herman Cromwell
Herman Cromwell
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Killed by N/A
Family Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Played by Peter Boyle
Appearances Species II

Herman Cromwell (a.k.a. Dr. Herman Cromwell) is a character from the second film in the series Species II.

Species IIEdit

He is a former scientist and now an inmate in an asylum, reacts violently to the return of the three astronauts: Patrick Ross, Anne Sampas and Dennis Gamble who all have accomplished a successful mission to Mars. At some point in the film, Press and Laura made contact with Cromwell (who was Dr. Orinsky's former professor). He then told them that he warned the government against going to Mars due to his discovery that an alien species had once colonized the planet when it had been more like Earth in the past and feared that any remaining alien DNA might infect any humans that landed there, but he was silenced.


  • Cromwell explaining what he found out about Mars and why it got him locked up - "I was doing research on a Mars meteorite.”
  • Laura Baker: “The one found in the Antarctic in '96?”
  • Cromwell: “Fossils in the meteorite convinced us there might have been life on Mars. But these fossils weren't anything organic to the planet. Oh, no.”
  • Laura: “And what was the basis for that determination?”
  • Cromwell: “Carbon-based elements in the fossils... exist only in the Magellanic galaxy. That's 100 million light years away.”
  • Press: “Well, how did they get to Mars?”
  • Cromwell: “By my reckoning, Mars was visited by an alien species approximately one billion years ago. The species was like a plague, a cancer. It turned a thriving planet with rivers and oceans and rudimentary plant life into a useless hunk of rock. When I heard they were going to send a mission to Mars, I strongly urged the government to reconsider.”
  • Laura: “On what grounds?”
  • Cromwell: “On grounds that alien DNA might remain on the planet, that any human attempt to violate the planet would result in biological contamination."
  • Cromwell: "They got me fired from Stanford. It seems the military had strategic reasons for wanting to go to Mars. Outpost of the future, or some crap like that. Anyway, they harassed the shit out of me. I got into a fistfight with a Pentagon general and broke his goddamn jaw."
  • Laura: "Why do you think that Dr. Orinsky called you the night that he died?”
  • Cromwell: “To tell me I was right. Whatever species destroyed Mars, those poor astronauts brought down to Earth. May God have pity on our souls."