Judson Ross
Judson Ross
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Attacked by Patrick Ross
Killed by Patrick Ross
Family Patrick Ross (Son, deceased)
Unnamed wife (deceased)
Abilities Ambition of authority
Played by James Cromwell
Appearances Species II

Judson Ross is a character in Species II. He was a U.S. Senator and Patrick Ross's father.

Species IIEdit

He attends at a fundraiser honoring his Son and two other astronauts Anne Sampas and Dennis Gamble. The next day after Patrick had intercourse with a Marcy and Her Sister which went horribly as he killed them both during sex, he tries to confide his concerns about his lost memories (due to the alien DNA taking over) to him, but he rebuffs his own son, revealing that he knows about Patrick's ignoring of the quarantine procedure and advising him to keep his mind on his goals, as he believes his son will one day be President. Later on, Burgess confronts Senator Ross with indisputable evidence of Patrick's infection and demands that he help bring Patrick in. Suspicious that the military will kill Patrick instead, Ross deduces he is at the shed, which is on property listed in Patrick's late mother's maiden name. When Ross apologizes to his son for treating him so coldly and tells him they will seek treatment for Patrick's infection together, Patrick's human side returns and he tearfully embraces his father. However, the alien side violently reasserts itself and kills Ross.Later on, LauraPreston and Dennis found his body outside of the shed after they tailed Eve who escaped from the lab and tracked Patrick down herself.



He was shown to be ruthless and ambitious, however upon discovering his son was infected with an alien disease, he apologized and attempted to help cure him showing that he did love and care about Patrick.


  • "you keep your dick in your pants and your eyes on the prize"