Lab Species
Lab Alien
Biographical information
Gender Unknown
Species The Species
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Burned to Death
Killed by Xavier Fitch
Family Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Played by N/A
Appearances Species

Lab Alien was created from a pure strand of alien DNA to see what they look like.


Laura Baker expressed an interest to create a pure breed alien in hopes to learn of its weaknesses. Dan Smithson agreed, since he wanted to learn what it feels, as did Stephen Arden, who hoped to see what the alien looks like without its human camouflage.

In the lab, Laura Baker was about to pierce the cell with alien DNA, but just as she did, the camera went out. Laura and Preston entered the chamber to replace the camera, during which the alien started to grow in an extremely fast rate. Xavier Fitch tried to burn it, but it escaped the flames and jumped at the viewing window. Then it tried to attack Laura, but Preston chased it into the pipes where he stabbed it several times with a broken pipe. The alien briefly played dead, and then stated to grow again, even faster than the first time. After Laura and Preston got out of the room, the room was burned, according to the safety protocols, killing the alien.