Biographical information
Gender Female
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Accelerated pregnancy and birth
Killed by Patrick Ross (Impregnated by him)
Family Patrick Ross † (fiancé)
Unnamed Son
Judson Ross † (would have been father-in-law)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Sarah Wynter
Appearances Species II

Melissa is a character from Species II. She was the fiancée of Patrick Ross.


Not much is known about her, but Melissa clearly loved Patrick, and he loved her. When the three astronauts returned from their mission to Mars and attended an honor party, Melissa had no knowledge that Patrick was infected by the alien DNA, and that he had a one-night stand with Marcy and another woman. Much later, on the last night of the ten-day quarantine the astronauts were subjected to after their return to Earth, Melissa proceeded to have sex with Patrick after getting him away from the rest of the world by going to his country lodge/cabin, but Patrick didn't feel up to it. She tried to assure him that everything was alright, and that she would "do all the work".

The morning after, Patrick awakens to find Melissa's mutilated, bloodied lifeless body and another hybrid child. He then attempts to commit suicide, but later regenerates due to his alien half regenerating his destroyed head.


Patrick RossEdit

Patrick Ross is the fiance of Melissa. He truly loved Melissa. They had sexual intercourse after Patrick became an alien hybrid. Patrick is shocked about Melissa's death and their hybrid son. This causes Patrick to try and commit suicide. However, his alien half regenerates his head and takes control.

Her sonEdit

After being impregnated by Patrick, Melissa died immediately after giving birth to a son. After Patrick regenerates his head, he hides their son in a remote shed on family property to cocoon, awaiting his rebirth as an adult.


  • "I've been waiting to get you alone."
  • "All the interviews, all the screaming girls, all the hoopla... gone."
  • "Push it out of your mind."
  • "Patrick Ross... tonight... you're mine. I love you."
  • "What’s the matter?"
  • "Oh, no. No, you don't. Not tonight."
  • "Relax. Let me do the work."


  • Melissa is the first known human to have a relationship with a character that was human before being turned into a hybrid.
  • Melissa was completely unaware of her fiancé's adultery.
  • In the novelization, Patrick proposed to her.
  • Melissa was the first victim that Patrick truly loved, and the third woman to bear an hybrid offspring.
  • Melissa's unintentional murder is what caused Patrick to try and commit suicide.