Melissa's son
Melissa's Son
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Half-breeds
Age Less than a year old
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Unknown
Killed by Unknown
Family Melissa † (mother)
Patrick Ross † (father)
Various siblings
Sara (half-sister)
Abilities Unknown
Played by N/A
Appearances Species II

Melissa's Son is a character from Species II. He is the third child of Patrick Ross, born to Melissa, Patrick's fiance. After Patrick became a hybrid, Melissa has sexual intercourse with him one night. Patrick awakes to the next day to find that her body is mutilated and another human/alien son, was born to him through her.


Patrick RossEdit

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Patrick Ross is the biological father of Melissa's son. After Patrick regenerates his head, Patrick hides him in a remote shed on family property to cocoon, awaiting his rebirth as adult.


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Melissa's son doesn't really have a relationship with her. After being impregnated by Patrick, she immediately gives birth and dies shortly after.


  • While the third child of Patrick Ross with a human woman, he is his first and only child with someone he loved.