"An image that comes to my mind is looking through the portal at the blue-white fragile, so small... And I thought to myself how easy it would be to destroy all that God has created. I think as we look to the future, our greatest mission might be right here at home."

-Patrick Ross

Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human → The Species
Age 23
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by the human DNA
Killed by Dennis Gamble, Preston Lennox
Family Judson Ross † (father)
Unnamed mother †
Various Children (some alive/some deceased/some unknown)
Melissa † (fiancee)
Sara (daughter)
Prostitutes † (sexual encounters)
Marcy † (sexual encounter)
Marcy's Sister † (sexual encounter)
Eve † (sexual encounter)
Abilities Transform to two types alien form
Split his head in two
Penis-tentacle for impregnating females or killing
Rapid regeneration
Communicate telepathically with The species member
Played by Justin Lazard
Appearances Species II

Patrick Ross is the main antagonist of Species II. He was an astronaut who was infected with alien DNA from collected soil samples taken from Mars. He had various half-breed sons and daughters with various women, and a pure-bred hybrid daughter, Sara, with Eve.

History (film)Edit

In the beginning of the film, Patrick Ross and two members of his three-person space crew arrive to Mars within six months. Patrick Ross Lands on mars to collect soil samples, during which he unknowingly finds dormant alien DNA. Patrick also places the flag of the United States of America to symbolize that the human race has crossed the vast ocean of stars from Earth to Mars. A seven-minute time gap occurs at NASA, during which the alien DNA infects the astronauts. Patrick inform the base, that there is no problem at all, looking forward to returning home to Earth, unaware that he and one other astronaut have been exposed to the alien DNA contained within the soil samples.

Upon returning to Earth six months later, he and his crew are subjected to a quarantine whereby they cannot engage in sexual activity for ten days. However, Patrick begins to disregard the quarantine. During the night of a fundraiser, Patrick is seen making out with Marcy in a lounge room. When he is called to give a speech, the Debutante invites him to her hotel suite upstairs when he's done.

After the fundraiser, he goes up to the hotel suite to find the Debutante accompanied by her sister. Later, he is having unprotected sex with Marcy and then her sister, which results in both women undergoing accelerated pregnancies and their stomachs tear open with Patrick's sons being born, and killing the two women in the process.

The next day, after he takes sons conceived with Marcy and her sister to his family barn to hide them, he tries to consult with his father, unable to remember what happened after the fundraiser, but Judson ignores his problems, believing his son will one day be the President of the United States, advising him to keep his priorities straight.

On the night of the final day of the quarantine, he is with his fiancée, Melissa, at his country lodge, and Melissa begins to try and have sex with him, but he doesn't feel up to it. She tells him to relax, that she will do all the work, and the next day, he awakes to find her dead and another son born to him through her. He decides to commit suicide and dresses in his military uniform, takes a rifle, and blows his head off, just as his friend, Dennis Gamble, discovers him about to take his own life.

Seconds later, his head regenerates and the alien side of him takes control, with the drive to mate with as many women as possible and produce as much offspring as possible. His victims and the mothers of his children are mostly prostitutes and strippers, whom he either buries or leaves behind after they give birth to his children, taking his children back to his family barn.

Patrick later attempts to mate with Darlene, a fan of his, he finds at a supermarket. Patrick discovers that he is being watched through a telepathic link by Eve, who was bombarded with radiation to awaken her dormant alien genes to initiate telepathic contact with him. He releases Darlene and makes an attempt to get away, but is apprehended by Press and Dennis, who were looking for him.

Unable to reach Eve when brought to the facility she's kept in, he escapes and heads back to the barn, where he finds his father, who had been informed of his son's infection. Judson tries to help him, but Patrick kills him. Later, he helps his children transition into the cocoon stage in order to become adults and his sons would mate with the strongest women while his daughters would mate with the strongest men in order to wipe out the human race.

Later, when Eve escapes captivity, she arrives to the barn and meets with Patrick, where they engage in sexual intercourse and transform into their alien form. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of Lennox, Baker and Gamble, who infect the cocooned children with Gamble's DNA to kill them, whereupon Patrick becomes a massive, quadruped alien form and attacks the three, but then attacks and impregnates Eve after she turns on him, seemingly killing her.

Patrick is later struck with a pitchfork by Lennox, coated with Gamble's blood, and weakened by the human DNA his hybrid immune system can't fight against, later falling into a bloody puddle of Gamble's blood and begins to melt away into pulp, putting an end to his reign of terror against mankind.

However, in Species III, Patrick's legacy lives on in the form Sara, his daughter with Eve, and three of his hybrid children that managed to escape the barn before they were killed. But while Sara was the result of two hybrids and was the purest of the species so far, his other children were cursed with weak immune systems that couldn't cope with common illnesses or even pollen or dust particles, resulting in rashes, sore throats, and death.

History (novelization)Edit

Much of the history is identical to the film, though in one scene, he finds one of the women he attempts to procreate with is a man, he gets angry and leaves. He also realizes that something is wrong with him, but can't understand what and why. In the novelization of the film, after his death, Patrick is given a funeral to remember the human that he was, and not the alien hybrid that he became after going to Mars.


  • "Oh God!"
  • "Yes, it is!"
  • "One more second!"
  • "What the fuck you laughing at, bitch?"
  • "Eve"
  • "Open the door. Open the goddamn door. Open it!"
  • "An image that comes to my mind is looking through the portal at the blue-white globe... beautiful... so fragile, so small... And I thought to myself how easy it would be to destroy all that God has created. I think as we look to the future our greatest mission might be right here at home."
  • "Dad, Help Me"
  • "I think Space Flakes taste like shit"
  • "Last night, after the fund-raiser...something happened. I try to think about it, I draw a total blank."
  • "Stop thinking about the master plan and help me, all right? I'm scared."


Patrick has two types alien forms: Bipedal and quadrupedal.

The bipedal form is a male version of Sil and Eve's. This form is only seen during the mating scene with Eve. However, in a deleted/extended scene of the film, this form is over the Debutante's Sister during the sexual encounter.

The quadrupedal form is for combat and is more massive and brutish, like the Xenomorphs of the Alien films. In this form, he demonstrated the ability to split his head in two, thus forming a duel-headed form. He also has tentacle-like penis for impregnating females or killing. His different appearance may be due to being a former human infected with alien DNA, not a true half-alien.


His Father Edit

Patrick has a cold relation with his father. Judson is more concerned with keeping the family status, ignoring his son's call for help. By the end of the movie fearing that Patrick will be killed, Judson talks with his son showing him that he has always loved him. Both father and son embrace each other but Patrick kills his father. Though this could've been accidental, Patrick doesn't seem to be much affected. This also could be due to the fact that Patrick, in a brief moment of fear, manages to regain control of his human side before the alien DNA reasserts itself and kills Judson to prevent itself from being destroyed.

The Debutante and Debutante's SonEdit

The Debutante is unique for being the first human woman to bear hybrid offspring. She had sex with Patrick Ross and she just wanted to enjoy one night stand with him. She didn't love him. Eventually, she was impregnated by Patrick, gave birth to his son and died. He later guided his son to his private place to hide.

The Debutante's Sister and Debutante's Sister's Son Edit

She is the second woman to give birth to one of Patrick's sons. While they were having sex Patrick's alien genes manifested. She realized this while they were making love and she saw she was holding a small green tentacle and begged him to stop but he didn't listen. There was no relationship between them.

Melissa and Melissa's SonEdit

Melissa was Patrick's fiancee and the person he loved most. Her death hurt him so much that he tried to commit suicide. After he failed at killing himself his alien side took him over and forgot about his feelings for Melissa. Patrick doesn't care about Melissa's son more than he does to the rest of his children.

Eve and SaraEdit

Being the only female alien on Earth, Eve and Patrick felt "attracted" to each other instantly. Eve escaped the facility with the only purpose of mating with him. Yet Patrick didn't hesitate to attack Eve and force himself on her when she chose to help Laura, Gamble and Lennox, seemingly killing her in the process. He doesn't have a relation or feelings towards Sara since she was born after his death.

His Other ChildrenEdit

Like with his first three sons, Patrick sired his sons and daughters with human women, killing them in the process, took them to his childhood home, and kept them safe until they were mature enough to cocoon and rebirth as adults, after which he would leave them.


  • Patrick is the only known hybrid who has two types alien form; bipedal and quadrupedal.
  • According to Giger, although Patrick had transformed into bipedal alien form, a little humanity was left within him. But he lost it and changed into a quadrupedal, alien monster form.
  • During his second time having sex, Patrick seemed to pick speed and ferocity; this may indicate that the alien species has rough, quick sex with their partners.
  • In an unedited scene, Patrick is seen in his alien form over the Debutante's Sister.
  • Patrick is the only known human to murder a member of his family after becoming a hybrid, though whether this was intentional or not is up to discussion.
  • In the novelization, after he is killed, Patrick is given a funeral to be remembered for the human that he was and not the alien hybrid that he became at the end of his life.
  • Patrick is also the only known hybrid to have children that survive beyond one film.
  • Patrick is the only known, male hybrid to produce hybrid offspring with multiple partners in any of the films.
  • Also, in the novelization, before he closes the door to the hotel suite, he puts a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the front knob.
  • In the alternate version of the DVD release of the Species II includes some deleted scenes. Three of them are just longer, alternate takes of scenes in the film: Patrick's sex encounter with the debutante and her sister; a longer dance scene in the strip club; a longer version of Patrick's attempt to slid his 'tongue' into Dr. Laura Baker's mouth. The fourth scene shows Patrick going into the apartment of a girl he picked up at a club and when he discovers that the girl is actually a transvestite he kills her.
  • In the film, Patrick's alien transformation was shown to render him nigh-invulnerable. It allowed Patrick to regenerate from blowing his own head off with a shotgun, he survived, apparently completely unharmed, Eve driving her spikes through him at close range and was seemingly unharmed by the gas sprayed right in his face by Laura. Only direct contact with Dennis Gamble's blood through a pitchfork thrown into his back killed him.
    • But it is a matter of difference between species. Considering the difference of characteristic of species between human and the Species, that's extremely natural results. We must know that Patrick already had physically become the Species, although he didn't realized yet, at the night of a fundraiser. Patrick successfully transformed to bipedal form during the sex with Marcy's sister, And his transformed form was perfect male alien of the Species.


Human FormEdit

Alien FormsEdit

Bipedal FormEdit

Quadrupedal FormEdit

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