Prostitutes are characters from Species II. they are primarily female humans that make their living by engaging in sexual outings with men in exchange for cash, often dressing in provocative outfits in order to entice men.


Some of these prostitutes fell victim to Patrick Ross after his failed suicide attempt put his alien side in control, and they died after being impregnated by him and bore his children. It is unknown just how many Patrick mated with, but judging from the number of children he fathered, it was a large number of them.


  • "Wanna date, Mister?"
  • "Come in."


  • Three of these prostitutes that Patrick killed were a hooker he met on the street at night, a hooker at a love motel, and a stripper he paid to have sex with him.
  • Prostitutes are also referred to as "working girls" in some cases.
  • Because prostitutes are known to engage in sexual activity with many men at any time, they run the risk of contracting STDs from their partners and spread it to other partners. This also implies that the ones Patrick fathered children with were healthy and STD-free.
  • According to the novelization, Patrick had fathered his children with over three dozen women, so most of them were likely prostitutes.
  • It was suggested in the film that Patrick fathered children with his victims two at a time, resulting in his large brood. This could mean that he was able produce them within days in the weeks he went on his mating spree.