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Biographical information
Gender Female
Species The Species
Age 18 (in appearance)
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Killed by N/A
Family Eve † (Mother)
Patrick Ross † (Father)
Various siblings
Sara's Mate (Mate)
Abilities Transform to alien form
Strong animalistic instinct of procreation
Rapid regeneration
Nail tentacles
Fast knowledge assimilation
Incredible intellect, can sense flaws in genetic mates, sharp tentacles that come out of her hands, super jump , and can communicate telecapthicly with other species members
Played by Savanna Fields (Child)
Sunny Mabrey (Adult)
Appearances Species III

Sara is a character and one of the protagonists of Species III. She is the daughter and only child of Eve and Patrick Ross, she is also the purest strand of the whole generation of species so far.


Sara was conceived by Eve and Patrick in the climax of Species II. Eve gave birth to her in an ambulance shortly before being strangled by one of Patrick's children, Portus. Dr. Bruce Abbot flees with the newborn and takes it back to his house, where he first kept the baby in the basement to study it. Sara killed a cat during her brief infancy and learned to speak English flawlessly during an unknown point during her childhood, probably from watching television.

In her adoptive father's absence, Sara pupated in a similar fashion to Sil, by forming an organic cocoon and after some time dropped out in human form. Another similarity is that she is naked when she emerges. It is unclear if she is biologically a young woman or a teenager.

Later that day, Dr. Nicholas Turner arrives at Abbot's house looking for him. He encounters with a naked Sara who initially attempts to mate with him but then rejects him. Turner gets mad and attempts to force her. Sara rapidly transforms into her true form and ramms two of her tentacles through the top of Turner's skull, instantly killing him.

Sara then leaves the house and goes around town looking for a suitable mate, but since she is a pure hybrid the human species can't provide her one. Later a local woman offers the drive her home. In the way Sara tells her to stop by the rail ways, she has detected the presence of a half-breed named Yosef. She gets out of the car and begins to chase the train but falls and gets her arm cut off. The woman get scared and runs away when she sees Sara's arm regenerating.

Once Sara finally meets with Yosef they start to mate but she rejects him because of his diseases. When she returns home Dean shows her a game of chess. She amazes Dean with her knowledge assimilation by touching the rule book. Though the encounter is brief they began to bound.

Sometime later Sara arrives at Abbot's lab and he tells her they need to take a blood sample. Sara answers that this time she wants Dean to do it. Suddenly she is attacked by Yosef who tries to impregnate her. Dean and Abbot protect her and kill Yosef, but Abbot is stabbed and dies. At some point before his death, he had removed Sara's eggs.

After Abbot's death Sara attempted to seduce Dean once she encountered him but failed. Later, she meets with her half sister and together force Dean's friend Hastings to work on a solution to save their species with Sara's harvested eggs. Dean with the help of Agent Wasach save Hastings who takes the eggs with him.

Sara stripped naked and transformed into her natural form and pursued the human trio. Sara stopped Amelia from killing Dean because of her fondness of him but fell into the core as well. She is believed to have died. However later on is revealed that Dean managed to pull her to safety.

3 weeks later Dean made another alien for Sara. It was a male humanoid alien that possessed no fertility so that Sara would not be lonely and to ensure that they would have no offspring in the future. At the end of the movie Dean let Sara and her mate go somewhere to be alone.


In her alien form, Sara has a more scaly and tubular look than the aliens of the previous movies. She lacks the breast tentacles that Sil and Eve had, but instead she has four sharp "hair" tentacles which she can use to attack. She also has nail tentacles that Sil and Eve didn't have, and reaches it to pick up or attack at long range. Her eyes don't have reptilian pupils but instead they emit a blue glow.

Her different appearance may be due to Patrick, only being half-alien due to being a former human infected with alien DNA, which makes Sara herself, to some extent, an innate hybrid. Amelia, who is one of the Patrick's daughters, has similar alien form, Patrick is may be the biggest reason to Sara's different appearance.

In her human form, Sara appearance is that of a female Caucasian standing 5'8" tall, with blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. Lastly, when Sara is in her human form, she appears to be either a young woman or a teenage girl in her late teens.

Personality Edit

Most of the time Sara remains emotionally distant, showing a stoic expression. Abbot states she doesn't have any emotion. However she has proved to be able to feel emotion, she developed affection for Dean and when he saved her from falling into the core she was clearly scared. Despite the fact that Dean had no more use to her, Sara saved his life and it was indicated to be done out of genuine affection for the young man.

Sara also seemed to worry about her species fate, as she tried to seduce Dean to convince him to continue Abbot's work. Then she joined Amelia to force Hastings to work on the alien DNA using her eggs, though she was not comfortable with how he was tortured.


  • "You don't want the tongue."
  • "I'm hungry!"
  • "Are there others like me?"
  • "I just do."
  • "This is not my problem."


  • Sara is the only one out of the four female alien protagonists to still be alive.
  • She is also the only one out of the four to have been given birth to instead of being artificially created.
  • Out of the four, she killed the least humans (Eve being excluded, as she never killed any humans).
  • Compared to the other four main female protagonists, she was never impregnated.
  • When Sara pupates, it is unclear whether she is, biologically, a young woman or a teenager.
  • Sara chose her own name.
  • Out of the hybrids encountered or created, Sara is the purest specimen so far.
  • Sara, due to being a purer strain of human/alien DNA, seems unable to successfully mate with humans and diseased hybrids.
  • The way Sara eats the dessert cream probably mimics Sil eating pudding in the first film.
  • She was born on 13th Friday in April.
  • Perhaps due to being a natural hybrid, Sara's humanity and alien sex drive are in balance.
    • Though never stated, Sara appeared to be fond of Dean. At one point she even wanted to have sex with him for simply pleasure; she had already deemed him unworthy for impregnating her.


Human FormEdit

Alien FormEdit

Species III - Sara's transformation

Species III - Sara's transformation

and attack scene