Species Human Race TPB

Species: Human Race is a comic book series developed by Dark Horse that takes place after the first film.

Plot SummaryEdit

Similar to the first film, a human/alien hybrid escapes from captivity and wanders around the outside world, causing several deaths along the way. A team is put together to find and destroy it before it can mate and produce offspring.


  • Unlike the primary hybrid Sil from the first film, the primary hybrid of the comic, Kal, is a male version of the species. It is stated that the male version is more dangerous than the female version; any female hybrid can only produce one more offspring, while a male hybrid can father countless children with human women, reproducing at a much faster rate.
  • The people responsible for creating Kal received the same transmission message from space that SETI received in the film, which implies that anyone listening to transmissions from outer space could potentially produce their own hybrid with available resources at their disposal.
  • Kal was created via impregnating a brain-dead woman with hybrid DNA, resulting is a similar development like with Sil, but with the fatal result of the mother not surviving.
  • Kal managed to father one child with a human woman, but the child, despite being born, didn't live past the few moments of its birth. This is also the only known child of Kal's, as he was unable to produce any others.