Species Special Standard

Standard Cover by Mico Suayan

Species Special is a one-shot comic by Avatar Press. Written by the famous Brian Pulido, and drawn by Mico Suayan. Released in 2005 in Full Color with 32 pages.[1]


Sil finally returns in this sexy one shot written by Brian Pulido and with art by sensational newcomer Mico Suayan as they take Sil back to her horrific roots. Locals start dying off in terrible ways in Dos Cabezas, Arizona, alerting the Dept. of Covert Defense. When Naomi Williams and her team of paramilitary investigators touch down, they discover an entire pod of Sil's offspring. If the offspring get out of town, Phoenix and America - are in deep trouble. Can Naomi bring herself to murder Sil's children before the migration? Will Sil let her? Don't count on it. The blood-drenched show-down leaves no doubt who is the dominant Species! [2]